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Destinations: The Candidates

Our #dare2020 trip is meant to be a round the world trip via twenty destinations in twenty weeks.

Currently my idea is to focus on destinations only south of the equator. That way, apart form our outbound and inbound flights to Denmark, we would be exploring the southern hemisphere.

With twenty weeks to fill, we have, on average, a week per destination. However in reality the duration of our visit to each destination will depend on the place’s offers and our goals.

In some places we may just stay a night or two (for example Iguazu Falls), while in others we might dig in a little and explore more or simply relax for a full week or two (for example Cook Islands or in Australia)
So far I have only marked fifteen destinations. This is intentional, to allow flexibility in choosing the order and in/out points. Ultimately some of these will join the list as full-fledged destinations.

#DARE2020 Destinations – The Ideas / First Draft

  1. Rio de Janeiro
  2. Amazon Rainforest
  3. Iguazu Falls
  4. Lake Titicaca
  5. Machu Picchu
  6. Galapagos Islands
  7. Easter Island
  8. Cook Islands
  9. Great Barrier Reef
  10. Uluru
  11. Madagascar
  12. Ngorongoro Crater
  13. Lake Malawi
  14. Drakensberg District
  15. Dead Vlei

Next step: In the following few weeks I will research every place off the list. When is it best to visit? How long should we stay? What are the rough costs of things we’re interested in? Those are the questions I’ll be looking to answer.

Hello world!

The planning of our epic journey is about to officially commence.

In two years, maybe on the very first day of the year, we will fold our maps, pick up our bags and make the first step on our #dare2020 journey.

I think, when it comes to BIG goals like this one, it is great to let imagination go wild and create a kind of vision, for what is to come. How will it play out? How will it feel?

So in the spirit of such mental exercise and for the fun of having an imaginary version to compare to, when the real trip starts, here goes my imagining of the day we’ll leave:

We step out of the car in the guest parking lot of the airport. My lovely in-laws are with us. They will take the car back, after sending us off on our way. The weather is great, Danish to the core. The strong west wind blows flapping the airport flags and tangling the hair of our two daughters.

We get our backpacks out of the trunk. We have two that fit in snugly in the planes over-head compartments; our older daughter has a light bag across her back, while the younger carries her chosen teddy, which is well on its way to became our official #dare2020 mascot.

We enter the airport building and my heart beats a little faster. I check for the thirty ninth time that we have our tickets, our passports and the wallet. And we do. They are all folded neatly in the side pocket of my bag. The remaining documents hidden away in a folder snuggled between my laptop and a few pairs of socks. Our youngest is yawning, having not fully woken yet after her nap in the car, while the older daughter is asking her dad if we packed any snacks. I look for a way to make them focus on the here-and-now – their goodbyes with their grandparents, who they will not get to see in person for quite a while.

The goodbyes are hard. The heartfelt wishes of good fortune for what is to come are exchanged both ways ; and the hugs that accompany them are so strong, they steal our breaths away. Finally we get our boarding cards out and with the final wave towards the in-laws we exit the foyer and enter the brightly lit security checks area. We dust our old well practiced habits of taking the relevant items out and assist our little ones through the metal scanner. Cleared to go, we traverse the shops and settle at a café to wait.

The older kiddo gets her snack, the younger gets to chat with daddy about the flight and I snap a few pictures and scribble a few notes for a later update. When the gate for our flight is announced we move there, and I switch between reading a book on my kindle and chatting with the clan. I wonder what we forgot to pack and remind myself, that this journey is really not about the stuff.

And then the time for waiting is over. We board the plane, climbing the rickety stairs. We find our seats and settle in. It’s a small plane, at least compared to the one we’ll be on in a few hours, so we are split into twos. I sit next to our youngest, while my husband accompanies the oldest. We have all flown before, so the kids know what to expect. I wonder if they will all soon happily nap, as they seem to be easily lulled by the engine noise.

We’ll know soon enough. First, the safety instructions and buckling of seat belts. Then – it is finally time: the plane takes off.

And so, we are also off. On a dare. On a journey. On an adventure!

It’s year 2020 and we are about to visit 20 destinations within the next 20 weeks.

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash