The idea is simple:
Visit 20 destinations in 20 weeks in 2020.

We are a family of four planning to do just that. Follow our preparation, share your wisdom and cheer us on via the blog. Or accept the 2020 dare and plan an adventure of your own within the community!


#DARE2020 is an idea that was born in the midst of searching for a way to inspire my husband and two kids to go on a BIG trip.

One that would take us around the world and through places we have not seen before. I knew that time will be needed to make it work. We have to decide where to go, save up and prep. Our kids can also grow just that little bit more, to make the trip more enjoyable. The year 2020 ticks those boxes and has a ring to it too.

What else was there to do, than go with the quirkiness of the year I chose and transform it into a daring challenge?

”Hey! Lets visit 20 destinations in 20 weeks in 2020.”

They accepted my dare with a mix of dreamy looks and broad smiles. And thus, the #dare2020 challenge, has been accepted, by this family of four…

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Join our community of travelers planning their big and small #dare2020 adventures.

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